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New Insights into the Biological and Pharmaceutical Properties of Royal Jelly
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  • New Insights into the Biological and Pharmaceutical Properties of Royal Jelly
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Acta Medica 6. Gonadotrophin levels are high also in hypogonadism.

Chakras prostatitis Krónikus prosztatitis 50 év után

Considering the above, it was attempted to gather information about gonadotrophin production in patients with cancer of the prostate. The urine of 15 patients was tested by means of the biological method of assay. This has the drawbacks of yielding results measurable only in rat units and of frequently causing the rats to die in consequence of the infectivity of the sample of urine injected.

Int J Mol Sci. Published online Jan 8. Copyright © by the authors.

Unfortunately, the results obtained could not be evaluated. Five rats died in consequence of infection, in a further case the urine decomposed.

In the remaining 9 cases the results were practically contrary to what has been stated above and owing to the small number of tests performed the results were unsuitable for evaluation.

Édes a prosztatitisben menstruáció alatt szúró fájdalom

Of the 9 cases mentioned the major­ity yielded low levels, in spite of the fact that testicular atrophy was practi­cally under way in all the patients so that higher levels were expected. The only conclusion to be drawn was to confirm the experience that the biological method is unsuitable for use in urology, since the majority of animals die in consequence of infection, as it has been pointed out above.

It had been planned to study also the oestrogenic relations, a problem to which hitherto very little attention has been devoted, but owing to technical difficulties it was not possible to carry out routine examinations with the exact method using photocell stepphotometry. The patients were Pour Scrotum Prostat according to age. The youngest patient was 53 years of age, the oldest one 82 years old.

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The order would not have changed much had we grouped the patients according to ketosteroid output or histo­­chemical findings, since these values, mirroring the androgenic activity of the testicles, run parallel courses.

According to the microscopical findings, atrophy of the testicles is increased, but becomes more marked only from Case 10 onwards Pour Scrotum Prostat years of agealthough a functional deficiency may be present also in younger subjects.

A betegség akut prosztatitis A prosztatitis kezelési rendszerének rendszere

As regards spermatogenesis, the findings were varying; it. Under the micro­scope it was revealed that interstitial cells maintained their morphology better than other structures, with only moderate, and not generalized, sings of degener­ation. In spite of all this, the histochemical findings indicated a more marked functional defect than it would have been expected on the basis of morphology.

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This means that histochemical findings are more characteristic of the physio­logical state than morphological ones.

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