Blocade prosztatitis

Blocade prosztatitis
Proteus mirabilis bacteria can cause wound infections, lower respiratory tract infections, and urinary tract infections, and rarely, sepsis and diarrhoea. Disinfectant effectiveness for prevention.

Acta Paediatrica Sulfadimidine inhibits the paraamino — benzoic acid — dihydrofolic acid phase whereas trimethopim inhibits the dihydrofolic — tetrahydrofolic acid phase of the folic acid synthesis, respectively. The growing of a large number of both Gram negative and Gram positive bacteria is inhibited by this double blockade of ferments.

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Owing to the synergy the bactericidal effect can be reached with smaller doses of the drugs and with more safety i. A high concentration of the drug is formed in the bile and is excreted in the urine mainly in this active form. Diseases of the sexual organs: gonococcusurethritis, prostatitis.

Blocade prosztatitis melyik mikrobák okoznak prosztatitist

Infections of the kidney and urinary passage: aucte and chronic cystitis, pyelitis, pyelonephritis, urethritis. Inflammatory diseases of the gallbladder and biliary duct: cholecystitis, cholangitis.

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Infections of the gastrointestinal system: enteritis, abdominal typhus, paratypoid, dysentery. Skin infections: pyoderma, furuncle, obscess, wound infection.

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Contra-indications Hepatic and renal failures, blood-discrasia, sensitivity to trimethoprim and sulfonamide and preg­nancy. Blocade prosztatitis should not be administered to prematures, newborn infants and infants up to the age of 6 weeks, to nursing mothers as well. Dosage In case of acute infection the compound has to be given at least for 4 days, and generally at Blocade prosztatitis 2 more days in the symptomfree condition.

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